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Style is important, but so is the History behind it!

Fashion trends seem to change over night, but one thing that hasn't changed is the importance of that fashion trend. Knowing the history behind some major fashion trends helps us to better appreciate what work went into creating them. In some cases the trend came from necessity. Taylor Hanna created The Clad Stache out of a necessity for a style he saw in his mind, but didn't see in stores. The modern versions of accessories we find around the common working man's neck everyday, started from a need.

If you know your history of fashion then this story will be familiar to you. If not, then enjoy getting to know what we now call a bow tie and neck tie. It all started when 17th century Croatian soldiers wore clothe, a cravat, around their necks to keep their collars closed. After the Thirty Years War ended, the French soldiers brought the style back and started a fashion trend amongst the higher classes of people. As seen below on Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice".

                           Colin Firth - Mr. Darcy /BBC

                           Colin Firth - Mr. Darcy /BBC

The History of the cravat is still celebrated in Croatia to this day. On October 18th 2003, The Academia Cravatica wrapped a giant red cravat around Croatia's Roman arena in Pula. They have done this every year since and as of 2008 Croatian Parliment declared October 18th "Day of the Cravat".

          Soldiers in traditional uniform during Cravat Day in Croatia. -  photo by  Nikola Solic/Reuters

         Soldiers in traditional uniform during Cravat Day in Croatia. - photo by Nikola Solic/Reuters