The Clad Stache
Look Good + Feel Good


Our Story


The Clad Stache quickly built its brand around the unique bow-ties Taylor Hanna designed. Instead of the traditional silk, he opted for colorful patterns on cotton cloth. Addtionally, instead of seeing them at business meetings with bankers or at charity galas, they started to appear at whiskey tastings and date nights as the wave of new gentlemen took interest in this style of “New Americana”. The momentum continued to grow as Taylor found stores around the country looking to carry his creations.

It was a time when Mumford and Sons were played on the radio and A-Frame cabins in the Pacific Northwest were the places to be. His bow-ties had its niche, its place in this movement. But like most trends we see, things changed. “I had to take a step back and look at what Clad Stache was doing. I had to ask myself questions like if I thought it would be viable, could I support my family with what I am doing, and if something happened to my wife can I do this by myself, and even the most basic: am I making money?”


Recently, the Clad Stache has shifted its direction in a major way. Instead of focusing entirely on men’s fashion, now Taylor Hanna has expanded his line of men’s grooming products. There’s not a sewing table out in his workspace, or rolls of cloth. Neither are there any fabric swatches or scraps. There’s just bottles, droppers, containers, and piles of endless papers.

Now that Clad Stache specializes in grooming products, the mission of helping men look good & feel good is as alive as when Taylor sewed together his first bowtie. However, now you'll find a wide variety of oils, balms, soaps, and creams to help your hair and skin receive all the vitamins + nutrients it needs, as well as leaving you smelling great!